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 SEO is an integral part in business for marketers because it helps the both users and the search engine robots in understanding your website. The reebok and under armour both have strong reputation in footwear industry. There is a strong competition between both of these. Moreover, reebok and under armour both have strong keywords to get best ranking results on search engines, like- athletics shoes and design your own. The purpose is to find out that, which of the both sites has a stronger SEO.

SEO Considerations Reebok  Under armour  

Keywords used on each site Reebok global, crossfit gear, design your own  sports apparel, workout shoes, athletic shoes, under armour sports 
Frequency of Keywords 8-144-12
Locations of keywords Home page, features, about us Homepage, categories 
Keywords in URL Reebok, CA, site No keywords expect under armour 
Reebok Canada official website Under Armour Sports Apparel, Athletic Shoes, & Accessories
<meta name="description" content=“”/> Shop Reebok CrossFit Shoes and Apparel, ZQuick and Training Gear from the Reebok Canada Official Website. Free Shipping and Returns on All Orders Official Site: Empowering athletes everywhere, Under Armour delivers innovative sports apparel, shoes, &amp; accessories. FREE SHIPPING available in Canada
<meta name="keywords" content=""/> No information No
Site upload speed Low to medium (0.60) seconds Medium to high (within a second)
Quality of written content Medium High
Quality of Visual Content High High
Alt Text used Yes Yes
Captions used Yes Yes
Quality of Layout Yes Yes
Call-to-action Yes Yes
Anchor Text Yes Yes
Mobile Friendly Yes Yes
Content is “shareable”:
Yes Yes
Links to Social Media Yes (Facebook, twitter, Instagram) 
Yes (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, google plus) 
SERP ranking results when using keywords from this table 2nd place on the first page  1st on first page

Rebook has good reputation and strengths because it has good captions, high quality of visual contents and rich quality of layout. Under armour has good strengths with the use of high visual and written content, rich layout, and perfect call to action. Both have different keywords like reebok use Reebok global, crossfit gear, design your own and under armour use sports apparel, workout shoes, athletic shoes, under armour sports as keywords. Reebok ranked 2nd when we search these keywords but under armour got 1st position when we search the keywords like- sports apparel, workout shoes, athletic shoes, under armour sports.
 In the footwear industry reebok and under armour have well established business. But the both companies have different ranking on search engines according to their SEO and keywords that they use. So according to my research I conclude that the winner would be under armour.

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